Outraged at President Obama?

Of course most people I know are very angry with President Obama, and his amnesty order. Yet at this point what can we do? We must wait until the Republicans take over the Senate in January. Even then I fear we wont do much, IMO very few elected officials have a spine. Republicans are so afraid of impeachment because they think Slick Willie’s impeachment caused them to lose an election. The fact of the matter is had they been trying to govern and allowed the investigation to be carried out in the background things would have been different.

Fast forward to the present and Obama is really safe from being impeached, the Republicans are so afraid of be accused of being racist that they will allow President Obama to do whatever he wants. That is not including the Biden insurance President Obama has. First with Biden we never know what we will get, second is its very hard to toss a sitting President out of office. Plus having Biden in office does not work for Hillary Clinton to get the nod to run.

So don’t hold your breath waiting for the President to get impeached. It will not happen.