Should Congress ignore the President?

Should Congress ignore President Obama? After yesterdays speech attacking the Republicans while the Naval yard was on lock down , I would say so.

Lets face it Obama is not gaining in popularity nor is he working on anything to help the American people. In fact if not for fund raising and golfing one could say that President Obama is not working at all. Lets face it when Obama makes a speech he is doing so to hear his own voice, so we can’t count that as work.

There has not been anything new from him since the election so why he is wasting our time giving speeches I don’t know.

Do I think Congress should stop working? No, what I think they should do is work together to pass legislation that is good for America and has enough votes to override a veto. Not saying that I think the President would veto a bill that has enough support to pass both the House and the Senate , since I don’t think he would want to look bad.

If I was a member of congress the first thing I would try and get passed is a limit on Executive orders. This would limit the damage that President Obama can do as a lame duck President. Most President face the last 18 months of their second term as lame ducks President Obama not wanting to be average advanced his time up to the last 40 months or so.