Supreme court and 2016 Election

Folks this election is not about Trump or Clinton! What it is about, is the direction our Nation will take for the next 30-60 years. If you want the Supreme Court to side with less then 15% of our Nation 100% of the time then go ahead and vote for Clinton. If you want gun rights taken away from law abiding citizens, go ahead and vote for Clinton. The point here is not who we will elect, its who they will appoint , if you take a look at the ages of the current Justices we could lose 3-5 over the next 4-5 years. So its not just about one Justice but the entire court.

For those Conservatives who are with the never Trump , I do hope you have a change of heart unless you really want Hillary picking 2 or more Justices. If that happens you can toss the Constitution out the window.