Time to go over the Cliff , lets do it

No one wants to really cut defense spending, yet IF that is the only way to reign in this out of control spending, then we must go over the cliff. Make no mistake this will hurt not only the military but the entire country. However its nothing compared to what will happen if we keep kicking the can down the road.

What is the worst that can happen? They down grade our credit? They will soon anyway! More people out of work? Obamacare is seeing to that already if not out of work then off of the full time payroll. So really what is it we have to lose? We suck it up and do it now, or we kick the can down the road and make the problem much worse. I vote for doing it now, since in 20 years I am confident working together we can prevent this from happening again. At the very least until our kids can no longer remembering it. Which is better then what will happen if we kick it down the road.

Yes it will suck for us, however those who lived through WWII dealt with much worse. Same for the great depression.

Once we get to the point that we are no longer running in the red every year, people will understand that this was the best solution. Do you really trust those in Washington to fix this issue? They won’t, not that they can’t, but they are to concerned with holding on to their nice job representing us.

Are there huge problems that will pop up that I have not thought about? Sure I bet, yet how do they compare to the USA defaulting on our loans? Most people think that China or other countries own most of our debt, they don’t. We own it here. Roughly 25% is owed outside the borders, yet if we defaulted on any of our loans the damage to the world economy would crush most developing nations and screw up the rest.

So let’s get it over with, its a lame duck session, so our elected officials can play the blame game and We the people get screwed again, yet I would rather get screwed now when its just bad, then latter when its much worse.