Obama; 252 examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc.

1) Carried out military interventionism in Libya without Congressional approval

2) Gave a no-bid contract to Halliburton – just like Bush did.

3) Has an administration full of lobbyists, after promising he wouldn’t have any.

4) Has close ties to Wall St., but pretends to support Occupy Wall St.

5) Broke his promise to close Guantanamo Bay.

6) Supported the $700 billion TARP corporate-welfare bailout just like Bush.

7) Waged the biggest war against medical marijuana of any president, which was the opposite of what he had promised.

8) Nominated a six-time tax cheater to head the government agency that enforces the tax laws.

9) Gave tax dollars to AIG executives, then pretended to be outraged about it.

10) Expanded Bush’s unconstitutional government faith based programs.

11) Supported Bush’s unconstitutional Patriot Act.

12) Increased the national debt more in one term than Bush did in two.

13) Agrees with Bush’s support of unconstitutional, indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without filing any charges.

14) Agrees with Bush’s support of unconstitutional, warrantless wiretapping.

15) Avoided prosecution of Wall. St criminals.

16) Had four U.S. citizens killed without judicial process.

17) Ordered private company to fire 1,000 employees.

18) Stole money from retired teachers and police officers.

19) Supported release of convicted mass murderer.

20) Illegally put thousands of guns into hands of criminals

21) Fired Inspector General for discovering that Obama’s friend had embezzled government funds

22) Lied about putting health care negotiations on C-SPAN

23) Lied about letting people keep their health insurance

24) Lied about the cost of Obamacare

25) Gave tax dollars to campaign contributors and lobbyists, and falsely claimed the money was for “green energy”

26) Had “off the record” meetings with lobbyists

27) Falsely claimed to believe in public education

28) Had armed SWAT agents raid a law-abiding guitar factory because it was owned by a Republican

29) Shut down Amish farm

30) Rewarded his fundraisers by giving them federal jobs

31) Ignored constitutional requirements for appointees

32) Gave tax dollars to corrupt private contractors

33) Used tax dollars to glorify murderers

34) Falsely claimed that the U.S. Supreme Court had never overturned any laws that had been passed by Congress

35) Supported new bailouts for speculators who caused housing bubble

36) Spent $205,075 of taxpayer money on a shrubbery which nurseries sell for $16

37) Spent taxpayer money to see if using cocaine helped rats to enjoy the music of Miles Davis.

38) Tried to outlaw family farms.

39) Auctioned off ambassadorship to the Netherlands.

40) Claimed that written tests are a form of “racial discrimination”

41) Made the TSA even more abusive and ridiculous than it had been under Bush.

42) Illegally demanded monetary payment for Freedom of Information Act request.

43) Fined public school $15,000 for selling soda

44) Conducted dangerous and illegal scientific experiments on people.

The rest here, but just from the above you can see how President Obama has ignored our laws, lied and taken care of those who donated the most to his election war chest.