Democrats have people fooled

People have been duped and taking advantage of for a long time.
It seems those in poverty have been kept there on purpose or if not on purpose by design. (same thing)

If you look at the area’s that poverty has taking deep roots. SE, D.C. is a prime example of the way it is. The Appalachians is another. In those areas the Democrats have promised to help them change things yet they keep doing nothing for them. Keeping them dependent on the Federal government is not helping…

Instead of helping them in way that allows them to break the cycle they toss more money at the problem. Money does not fix everything, trust me I know. Don’t take my word for it, go to those areas.

The Charter schools would be a very big deal in those areas, yet the Democrats are against them because the teachers unions donate a ton of money to the democratic party. That’s just one example of how things could be improved.

Now the Democrats will tell you they are for the charter schools, if that’s true why did President Obama try to cancel the Charter programs in D.C.? Saved by the Republicans. Take a hard look on the success rate of the Charter schools compared to the public schools in those same areas.

Education and jobs is what will help those people, not more money tossed to the people. The money is just enough for them to live on, yet not enough to help them break the cycle.