Teachers unions all about the kids? B.S.

Lets get honest the teachers unions are not all about the kids, it about power. To prove the point ,two districts in Michigan had to close because teachers called out so they could go protest the new right to work law about to be passed there. Yet the left wants to point out that its the Republicans that take hostages. Its not, its the Democrats and their Union buddies.
What should happen to those teachers who called out is they get canned. Enjoy the unemployment lines. Sorry but with the poor reports coming out about our Education system, firing these teachers who don’t want to work, can’t hurt the numbers. At this point the only thing separating the public service unions and the radical Islam nut jobs is as of today, the unions just protest and call out sick when someone bad mouths them. While the Islamic nuts kill people for bad mouthing Mohammed.

We need to turn our education system back over to the parents in order to save it. Sorry but since the Federal government got involved we have spent more money and gotten less back on our investment.