These are not the same democrats as your parents voted for

Lets face it folks, those Blue Dog democrats that your Mom and Dad voted for are now apart of the Republican party. What some refer to as RHINO’s. Should they be called that? Not in my book , but must admit that I have called them that before when they voted against the way I wanted them to vote.
Lets face it the Democratic party of today is more in line with the American Communist party who think that the Federal Government should tell you how to do everything. Except of course the “ruling elite” Who play by their own rules.
They do not wish to see the small companies succeed , just take a look at all the regulations they have piled on.
They do not think you should be allowed to defend yourself or your family, they prefer you to be victims.
They demand you be tolerant but refuse to do the same when it goes against what they are pushing.
They do not want the poor to better themselves except in cases that they can use to point to a success story. Most of those few success stories happen despite all the roadblocks that the Democrats put in their way.