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Its true, we failed to listen. Not just us, but the world. When one of our founding Fathers said

Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.
Thomas Paine

At the time people listened to Thomas Paine, today we have once again ignored history and have gotten what we deserved. We now have a government that wishes to tell us what we can and can’t have.
This started years ago but since we have allowed the loss of rights and freedoms to become the new norm,  each new generation losses more and more freedoms.

Had we kept our Federal Government in check, today we might not have all of the problems we are now facing.  We are now at a breaking point, we can force the Federal Government to abided by our wishes via voting or we can stay on our current path which will see the USA breaking apart from the inside out.

Already we see the problems with the Federal government not using common sense to protect and defend our borders.
We would be wise to follow in Israelis footsteps when it comes to our common defense. There is nothing wrong with profiling, yet we have allowed the media and the lawyers to make profiling a dirty word. If a lot white males with dirty blonde hair started killing people or committing other crimes, I would have no problem with the police giving me the once or twice over. Instead we allow our Grandmothers to be pulled out of lines to get checked, not because Grandmother are going around killing people, but to show people we are not picking on anyone who fits a certain description.

Very little of what our federal government is doing makes sense. As humans we thrive by forming societies , not by forming Governments. Governments are only needed for a few specific needs. We have gone so far in allowing our law makers to be relevant that we get new laws for things that have not been a problem before.

When we have a congress that does not pass many laws, they are put into the category of not productive. In my mind having fewer new laws is a good thing. As it sits we have so many laws that are worthless, not relevant or not being enforced already. Why pass new laws? Seems to me its only for the Representatives and Senators to be able to point to a law that was passed or a bill they helped defeat and say I did that…

Do we need 200 new Federal laws each year?

There have been so many warning signs that its hard to keep up with them. The biggest warning in my mind should have been the Korean war. When our elected leaders decided to allow politics to get in the way of winning a war, we allowed the world to start dictating our policies. Think about the number of times we have sent our Military into harms way for political reasons. Why do we look the other way when people are getting abused and killed by their Government, but when another country that has something we need does the same and the country becomes unstable enough to cause a supply shortage we invade? How can we trade with a Nation that does not even honor basic human rights?
Why does the media not report on the penalty for being gay in the nations that we trade with? The penalty for being gay in most middle east countries is death. Yet we don’t hear much about that from the media.

Then we have the so called war on drugs, the idea was good the focus is still way off. Instead of sending money to other nations to help them destroy the farmers, cartels and mules, why not spend that money on education about what drugs do? As long as their is a demand there will be people filling that demand.
Hell make drugs legal, toss a tax on them and we now have a new source of revenue. Plus it would free up a lot of space in our prisons, save us a ton of tax payer money by ending the war on drugs and would allow us to spend that money to pay down our debt. To me its a win win.

Next up on my rant, is prostitution, why do we target it the prostitutes ? Its the people using them that need to be locked up. Either that or make it legal and toss a tax on that as well. If we start going after the “Johns” instead of the hookers it would be a much better way to deter it.