Lets make our kids future a lot better

   We are in the hole, no one can deny it. At this point it does not matter how we got into this hole. Granted latter we must review the how’s to prevent it from happening again. Will we now need to do is figure out a way to reduce our debt reduce our budget spending and keep current programs that are good. In order for us to do this we need to complete a full audit on the entire Federal government. Until we find out where all the money’s going it’s very hard to control or spending. Those of you who manage a household budget already know this.

Some of the programs  some folks like may not make the cut, however in order us to find out which programs  that we have are just wasteful we need to have the audit.

I would bet that we have at least two programs that do nothing for the American people for each program that does something. Now that something does not necessarily mean it’s a good thing.

If we would take a look at the different federal law enforcement agencies we have, one has to ask them self if there’s not a better way to enforce the laws then by having six or seven different agencies  enforcing different  bits and pieces of the laws. While understand the need for separate divisions do we really need all the top level management positions?

  Neither Congress nor the president had been able to agree on a budget since 2009. Now this is not meant to bash the President this just the fact. The only issue so far that this group has been a willing to agree on is giving permission to the FAA to make better choices on what to cut due to the sequester. Now I’m not saying that it’s because that most members of Congress as well as the White House staff fly commercial and did not like the new wait times, but that’s the way it looks to me.