Slow day for me in Costa Rica

Ugh doing laundry toddy… Which gives me time to play catch up with the world.

CC has a nice rant about equality and difference, in my mind its a home run…

The Truth About Guns, puts to rest all the lies the media have been telling you.. share it to that liberal friend you have, you now the one you went to High School or College with.. No shame in having one or more, I think we all have them.

Once again its time to highlight the human sex slave trade, sad that few wish to talk about this until it happens to someone close to them. Now we have the "Dominican Republic Becoming Thailand of the West?"
To me its a crime to know something like this might be happening and sitting on our hands doing nothing about it.

Last but not least ..Crime in the US vs. the UK you might have to share that one with that slow friend…