The War on Drugs

Lets be honest, the drug war has not worked nor will it. I am not blaming anyone, nor do I mean to take anything away from the Law Enforcement Officers who have been battling every day both against the drug pushers and the Courts.
My hat is off to them, some have paid with their lives and that is sad and noble.

Like Vietnam, the American public has no desire to win the war on drugs, if we did we would be going after the users of the drugs, not the dealers. If there was no demand then the war would be over.

Lets face it, we can no more stop the drugs from coming into our Country then we can stop the Sun from Rising. Its way past the time where we need to legalize all of it, toss a tax on it and sell it like we sell booze. Yes I mean all of it.

This does a few things, first it adds money to our government that we desperately need, second we can decide what the drugs are mixed with. (Cut with on the street used to be the term.) Third, by making drugs legal we eliminate the violence that comes with gangs, cartels, etc. from fighting over territory. Lastly we can take the money we are currently spending on the drug war and use it to pay down some of our debt.

Since we are not going to fix the demand problem then lets make it so it does the least damage to our Nation and save some money at the same time.

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