Top 2 from news reader

First two from what I call “main news” on my reader..

"Spanish police arrest woman at airport with breast implants containing cocaine" SMH … I know times are tough all over but really?

French teacher reportedly had students write own suicide notes as assignment
World gone insane?

First Two from “World News”

Significant leap for Pyongyang missile tech
That’s not good for a number of reasons, add that Iran and N.Korea share their missile programs….

530 Cops Disciplined Over Rights Violations yes Russia still has human abuse problems..

First two in reader from Alternative or real news.

Prepare for the Worst on the fiscal cliff, I still say go over it. If those people in power wish to play games we can do the same in 2014 by voting all of them out. If WE the People come together from all sides of our political backgrounds and agree not to send any of them back that are up for reelection it might send a strong enough signal to the rest of them.

State Department Sued for Funding Palestinian Terrorism nothing to see here people move along… 🙁

Bonus from Real news

Democrats Admit Obamacare Is a Job-Killer of course they admit it after the election…. Should be jail time when our elected leaders mislead or lie to us.