Stop, Just stop

Stop spreading fear , its not the end of the world.

IS is killing more Muslims then any other religion , so don’t you think most Muslims are against them?  Yet every day I see more people post things against Muslims , without taking the time to even do their homework.  My friends who happen to practice  Islam are just like me, they have the same basic dreams, hopes and fears for their families as I do.

Social media is great,but people need to stop spreading fear.  No the Police are not out to kill you unless you threaten them or others.

I am over it all, this election, the riots , people spreading fear and hate, all of the noise going on  is self inflicted. Yep we did it to ourselves.  We allowed the media to paint the picture that supports their narrative.

Other then my family and friends the only thing I care about right now , with this election is the  who will nominate the next few  SCOTUS  Justices.  I really don’t care what Hillary says about issues, because like the rest she will say whatever she needs to , in order to get elected.  So there is no way I would vote for her. That leaves me with 2 other choices.  Gary Johnson or Donald Trump.  While I would love to see Johnson elected, since his party is the closest to my views on what the government is supposed to do. I think I will end up voting for Trump because this election to me is all about the SCOTUS .

I ask people to think long and hard over what you say  and post because you may be helping paint a picture that is not true.

Yes I know I am a little all over the place today.