How the World should work

Not sure why folks have such a problem with how simple things should be.

Perfect world,  you are born , raised by a loving family, get the education you need for the job you would like to perform , get married if that is your wish ( provided you find someone willing to marry you) raise your family if you want one, and die. 

In between the born and die part, you help those who need help because you want to help them, not because the government says you have to. If needed you defend your Nation , you protect your community , your family and mind your own business. It should not matter to you what anyone else is doing as long as they are not harming someone who can not defend themselves.
if two other adults want to get married , it should not matter to you if they are the same sex, different sex, different skin color, different religious beliefs. 

Now not everyone is going to be born into a perfect family, or have a great childhood , yet even with those things not happening for you, it is still up to YOU to decide how you want the rest of your life to go.

Rules should be pretty simple, easy to understand and follow common sense.

Don’t murder, steal, cheat or lie. 

Be kind to others until its time to not be kind, and trust me you will know when its time not to be kind, and no its not when someone insults you. The time not to be kind is when someone intends to harm you, your family, or those who can’t defend themselves.

If you don’t like something don’t do it. Don’t like guns, don’t buy one. Against drinking , don’t drink… etc…

Yes I know its an over simplified version of life ,but the reality is we make things much harder then they have to be.

Just food for thought from an older guy…