Addiction is not the end of the world part one

I have been seeing a lot of people post comments and articles about addiction and how its a death sentence. Regardless of what you are addicted to there is help.

Alcoholics Anonymous has been providing millions of people a way out each and every day. There are other programs out there that help people like A.A. .
People need to understand that being addicted is only part of the problem. For most people addiction becomes a way of life. When you are addicted, every action you do each day is done because you want to insure you get your fix.

For me it was booze, I planned my day with the intent of being able to drink as early as possible. When I hit bottom I was drinking as soon as I woke up. It was so bad that I would pass out and then wake up and start drinking again. Some days I must have passed out 3 or 4 times. Add in the blackouts , coming to in different locations with no idea how or why I was there.

When I finally got so tired of having no hope, no home, no place to be and no friends or family left, I hit my knees and prayed. What I prayed for was to have a life. Funny that before the booze took over my life ,I figured drinking was always going to be an enjoyable experience.

What I was facing was death if I did not get clean, I was living in a car, in a free parking garage next to a hospital.

I seldom drove the car as then I would have to spend money on gas instead of booze.

I don’t recall a whole lot from 1993 to 2003 most memories that I do have are from the very brief moments that I was sober. I had been in 10 different rehabs for various lengths of time.

Being honest about the times I spent before October 15, 2003 in rehabs, they were places to allow my body to heal up some and to meet knew like minded drunks that I could hangout with once we got out.

To sum up part one, I had nothing left and no hope. part two to follow soon