Boston , illegal searches?

Lots of folks are making a big deal out of the way the Law Enforcement conducted the searches of peoples homes. While I will agree it was pushing the limits of what was legal and what was not. The search was for a person who had used WMD’s. Not that it excuses what and how the searches got conducted, but it should shine a bright light on what we need to do or not do if or when this happens again. We should has a nation have this discussion on a National level. My heart goes out to all the first responders not only in this case but each time they suit up. They as well as their loved ones don’t know if they will be returning home safe and sound.

I applaud the way the investigation was done. Now that the search for the bombers is over, we can look at what went wrong and why. We can also address the concerns about the way the search took place.

First we are at war, regardless of what the President says, the war is on going and will continue until either the radical elements of Islam are wiped out, or until Islam becomes the worlds religion. Lets keep in mind most of the terrorists are not fighting for freedom, nor are the fighting for their country. They are fighting for an Idea, for their beliefs, that their God is the one and true only God.
When people point to the Crusades as one of the many times that Christians have waged a holy war, one also needs to point out that Islam was spread by the sword. That is something that people leave out when they are trying to convince us that this war is like the Crusades. Its not, for the simple reason that the crusades ended long ago, Christians learned that its not God’s will that His word  should be spread by the sword.

Since the very beginning of Islam it was spread by the sword and still is today. Folks only want to talk about what makes them feel comfortable. Most Muslims and the friends I have that are Muslims ,do not practice the violent part of Islam. Just as most Christians do not practice the violent ways of the Bible. Having said that, most religions have their share of idiots and nut jobs. Sadly for the peaceful Muslims there seems to be a few things working against them. First is the way news travels today, its instant, so any group who attacks another country or targets civilians for their beliefs , get reported right away.  Second the amount of damage weapons do today as well as the different kinds, make killing and injuring people much easier then in the past.

As I write this, the main stream media is still trying to run interference for those who practice radical Islam. Sadly most Islam is radical. Don’t confuse the difference between Muslims and radical Islamism. Most Muslims are just like most Christians, they are trying to provide a better life for their kids then they had and are trying to be happy. When those nut jobs from Westboro Baptist Church go to protest something, a lot more Christians show up to support whoever or whatever the WBC is protesting. Now since WBC is mostly non-violent it makes it fairly easy to show up and protest against them. The exact opposite is true for Muslims who would like to protest those Radical Islamic terrorists. In my mind both groups WBC and Radical Islmaic’s are terrorist, one does so with pictures and words the latter does so with bombs and bullets. Another fact over looked by the “Western minds” is that WBC is not targeting Christians that disagree with them. While the Radical Islamic’s do target those Muslims who speak out against them. Not only the parents but the children as well.

Its time for an open and honest discussion about both the way we search for those who mean to use WMD on us, as well as a really open and honest discussion about Islam. Until we do get real honest with ourselves we will keep repeating these cycles. We get soft, we get attacked, we attack , then we get soft again.