Back to the Basic’s, an American party (BBA)

Its high time for a real third party to step in and fill the gap that is there, because both sides seem to have veered off sharply to the left and right.

BBA promises to apply common sense when it comes to Federal Government. At the State level, its up to you and the citizens of your state to correct what you feel is wrong. Not saying that we won’t run at the local level, we will! Right now the concern has to focus on the Federal level in order correct our National Path.

1. Follow the Constitution, pretty simple concept that some how got screwed up.

2. Go through the laws and taxes to get rid of those that make no sense or do not work.

3. Remove the Federal Government from State arguments. Prime example is abortion and same sex marriage. Those issues should be decided at the State levels. My point here is that the party will not have a position on State issues.

4. Set term limits, Since it seems are current politicians missed the point of being a Representative of their home State. Its supposed to be an honor that the citizens from your State felt good enough about you to send you to congress. Its was never meant to be a full time job. Sorry we have more then enough laws on the books that are not enforced or don’t work, we don’t need anymore.

5. This one could piss off the teachers unions, but I would stream line the Federal Department of Education. Their job would be to monitor what the states need in order to keep our children current with the world. There would be no more federal education mandates, the collected taxes for education, would be returned to the states. The job of educating our children would be put back into the States hands as well as the parents. There would be no more Federal hand outs, as all the money earmarked for education would be sent back to the states.

6.The United Nations is broke, so I would move to withdraw from it as well as move its HQ out of the USA. We would beef up our commitment to NATO as well as our Pacific treaties.

7. Eliminate the handouts we issue to countries that do not support basic human rights. That would mean that any imports coming from said countries would face a stiff tariff. Sorry folks we need to put our money where our mouth is. Cheap goods made by folks who are basically slaves will no longer be available. At the same time any countries that do value and support basic human rights would have the same import fees as they charge USA companies. So if Canada does not charge our companies an import fee then we will not charge theirs… Pretty simple idea. You would not do business with a slave trader, so why should you do business with a country that treat their people badly?

8. Our foreign policy would be very simple, those who treat their citizens well and support basic human rights, we would have no problem with them. Those that don’t, as long as they do not try and develop WMD we would leave alone. Keep in mind that its better to be on offense then defense when it comes to those problems.

9. Our military would be funded to the point of being able to handle two fronts at one time. There is no need to gut the military they are the one true thing that the Federal government does ok with. Yes there are some programs that might need to be cut in order to save money but they should not be cuts that will prevent us from being able to fight a two front war.

10. Other then election years the politicians should stay off the damn TV. Yes the President should be able to come on and tell us the State of the Union, and if there is something major we the people need to know about. The other parties should get time to voice their concerns after the President goes on. Sorry they are there to work not give sound bites every few days.

11. Enough of the endless campaigns, if you hold one office and want to run for another, you must resign your current office. We the people no longer wish to pay you for not doing your job.

11. Stream line the Federal police agency’s. Do we really need so many different Federal police officers? The FBI should be able to handle all but border patrol and Secret Service. We should even Nothing against any of the agency’s, do we need so many top level employee’s ? The Secret Service, The FBI and the Border Patrol should be able to handle any problems. With the Federal law enforcement stream lined we would no longer need the DHS. Since there would not be any one to compete with for budgets. Yes the FBI and Secret Service agency’s would grow in size however we would not have the overhead of have a lot of managers as well as buildings..

12. Social Security, Medicare as well as the Fed would be means tested, once that is done we would have to make a few changes . We are not able to fix something if we don’t know what is wrong with it. Obamacare would be repealed. Sorry its a great idea but we don’t have the funds for it, and its driving up people’s premiums.

13. Congress as well as the President would have the same retirement program that our Military has. If we tie the two together maybe just maybe the members of congress and whoever is President would stop taking benefits away from our men and women who dedicated their lives to our defense.

14. Immigration issue is very simple, we enforce the current laws, once that is done we can move to make it much easier to get a green card here. Until we get a real handle on who is here, we will never be able to fix our immigration problem. I would add a law that states if you are caught here illegal, you must pay a fine of 1000 bucks and the country you are from must pay for your stay in our prison until you pay your fine. Sorry but that’s about the only way to deter people from coming in. Making the punishment for breaking our laws harsh will send a message to folks.

15. The executive branch would get vacation time just like any other employee. 2 weeks a year or maybe 3 for the President. If wife/husband wants to take more time, fine but they have to pick up the cost for the trip. I have no problem with the tax payers picking up 2 weeks a year in order for the President to get some down time. Keep in mind that the President is never really off. I think the first family should be provided with a security detail, I do not think we should pay for that detail if the President is not going along on the trip. Keep in mind that running for office is a joint deal, both Husband and Wife know what they are getting into. So the sacrifice of not being able to take separate vacations should not be a shocker.

This is a work in progress, I hope to add more things as well as fine tune others.. Trimming down the size of the federal government would be a huge savings to We the People… Remember bigger is not always better.