The law is the law

I’ve been reading about the deportation of military Veteran’s. While I think it’s idiotic it is the law.

I don’t blame those enforcing the law I blame those writing the laws,from Congress to you’re local legislators, those people are who write the laws.

If Congress would do its job and reform a lot of laws that need to be reformed, starting with our immigration system it would be much easier for us to enforce the laws on the books ,without having these heartbreaking stories of our veterans being deported. If you think for an instance that Ice or any law enforcement officer enjoys enforcing these laws, that make no sense,then you obviously have never met a law enforcement officer.

Keep in mind you can’t have immigration reform without having border security increased otherwise we’ll be in the same situation 10 years from now as we are now. We’ve done immigration reform and amnesty before without border security and we’re back in the same mess as we were when we did Immigration reform the last time.