Are we heading for a race war?

First the “race” thing is silly, we are all apart of the human race. Second just because someone’s skin, religion, hair, eyes etc.. are different does not make them different or set them into their own race. We are all humans, its time we started acting that way.

For anyone to be calling on violence to settle things is insane. We are all better then that. My entire problem with the Zimmerman case is not the crime that was committed but the simple fact that people are being lied to by the media. Yes the media is ginning up the race angle and we are allowing it to happen.

Make no mistake Zimmerman will have his day in court. However so should a lot of other people. Starting with the leaders of the New Black Panther party. Where oh where is our Attorney General?

Crime is crime, and what some of the things that the NBP leaders are calling for is not only illegal but borders on treason. Correct me if I am wrong but is it not Holders job to go after people who commit crimes?