Another way to avoid the deficit cliff

Both parties should pick one person to do the talking to the press. No one else should say a word. The leaders of both parties of the House and Senate as well as President Obama need to meet behind closed doors. No one but those people are allowed inside the room. No aids, no lobbyists no one. ( For those in the Secret Service I don’t mean you folks are not people, I just know you People won’t utter a word you hear )…. They should meet until they reach a deal, once a deal is reached put it on paper, does not have to be in legal speak, everyone at the meeting puts their signature on it, thus removing anyone from coming back and saying that’s not the deal I agreed to.. Once a deal is reached they all need to get behind the President as he lays out the deal to WE The People… . KEEP IN MIND IT TAKES BOTH SIDES TO REACH A DEAL.


Our really enemy at this point is the media, lets not give them a chance to spin for either party. With the leaders of the house and senate standing behind the President as he lays out the deal, thus forming a United front against the media. When they are asked question refer them to the one person who is speaking for all of them.
This might do a few things, since the media won’t have their sound bites to air with what they think it means, they might be forced to actually do their jobs and investigate what’s happening with our Government. It will also show the world that our leaders can come together and work out the mess we are in. Lastly it should improve “We the Peoples” perspective of how our Government can work.

Lets look at the media’s roll in all of this so far. What makes them money is blood, sex and scandal’s. If the members of our government no longer give the media sound bites to pick apart, it will reduce the tension and anger from “We the People” since the media won’t be able to pick the sound bite apart.

Why are we so divided? The media. The media painted a very good picture of the right trying to take away women’s rights. Now the President played a huge part in this, but had the media fact checked the so called rights, that the right wanted to remove, people would have understood that it was a none issue. Abortion is settled law, no one is going to outlaw them. While I hope and pray that abortion goes back to being just safe, legal and very rare, it is the law of the land. Contraceptive’s where never going to be banned, the only issue with that came from Obamacare and the religious  company owners having to violate their religion by paying for someone’s birth control. Again had the media pointed out that birth control was going to remain legal, easy to access and pretty inexpensive.   The American public would not be so divided.

Are there other issues that divide our Nation ? Sure but those issues are the real issues. This game the media has been playing (for both sides) has hurt our nation.

So we can now solve to problems with one stone so to speak. Work out a deal on the fiscal cliff and remove the media from the process. Seems pretty simple, but some people will have to let go of their ego’s for this to work.

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  1. This administration, with its radical left wing Marxist agenda is moving forward with their Cloward-Piven strategy, which will eventually overwhelm our system with this nonsense and collapse the dollar, which will further their efforts to create a One World Government. These people need to go!! Vote them out in 2010!

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  2. bill was passed in june 2009, your post was in november 2009.
    you printed false info.