Another day another lie with some odds and ends tossed in

Truth or bull crap?
Obama’s Big Afghanistan Lie
Who are we currently fighting in Afghanistan the Taliban or Al Qaeda? Seems the President or the Director of the CIA,General Petraeus ?
Frontpage takes a look at who we are really fighting.

America fell again in the Global Ranking of Economic Freedom, to number 10. 🙁 This is not the direction we should be heading in. Last year we ranked 9th, in 2007 we ranked 7th… This appears to be a long slide.

Idiot(s) award of the day.. Seems a couple in Atlanta are taking their child with them on a crime spree.

The gent then saw a woman with a crying baby in a pushchair, according to a police report seen by the Atlanta Constitution-Journal. Within moments he felt a gun in the back of his head. A voice ordered him not to turn around and demanded he hand over his cash and credit cards.
He quickly gave up his wallet, cards and PIN number before his assailant strolled off.
Twenty minutes later a witness at Publix claimed he saw a man and woman with a pushchair asking if there was a cashpoint there.


Another sad story coming out of the U.K. about health care, keep in mind this is the same type of health care coming to the USA very soon. My heart goes out to the family