Angry ?

Are you angry yet? If not your either not paying attention or living in fantasy land.

The state of the World is in Chaos.

Here in the States we allow the media from both sides dictate policy. Instead of reporting the news they are being allowed to shape policy. Last time I checked I did not vote nor did I see any of the Media members on the ballot. So why do we allow them to tell us what to think? To many people, friends of mine, allow their opinion to be shaped not by the news but by the slant that the so called reporters, report. Its not news they are reporting, they are reporting their views. I used to think it was only the “shows” on the cable news stations that did that. Sadly its all of them that seem to think your are way to dumb to make up your own minds.

You know its bad when people think its great the our Vice President laughed while talking about the possibility of a nuclear war. Was no one paying attention?

We are sending money to countries that make it part their policy to silence those who’s only crime is wishing to learn. Look at the young girl who was shot for standing up for the right to go to school. Now of course because this was reported in the world news the Pakistan’s government had to at least make a show of doing something.

Why do we send money to Pakistan ? The only reason is they have nukes and we want to keep those nukes from falling into the wrong hands. In my mind they are already in the wrong hands. Since we can’t trust the Pakistan Government to go after the Taliban who have training camps in their country.

Has anyone looked at the poverty in Appalachians ? Why not spend that aid money here at home? Not that we have the money to spend but if we are going to borrow money to spend lets spend it here at home.

Neither political party is great but at least with the Republicans you know they want people to succeed on their own instead of looking for the Government to take care of everything.

Done ranting for the night