After Libya, if your still voting for Obama your an idiot

Sorry for being so harsh, but we lost 4 American Citizens. There are a few things that make this much worse then just the murder of 4 Americans. First the Ambassador is a direct Representative of the United States Government, second the attack happened on American soil, third we had live real time intelligence, on what was going on and did nothing.

The President of the United States is an accessory to murder. Now if the President came out and said he screwed up(not sure of the legal stuff) I could live with that and I am guessing that while the lose of a loved one would still sting, at least the families would have had real closure on what happened. Instead we are getting a cover up. They only way the Local Commander, who happens to be a Four Star Officer of the United States Military, would not order a rescue operation is if the President of the United States gave him an order not to do so.

If I own a boat and invite you to go out on my boat, I am responsible for everything that happens while your own my boat. For the President Of The United States, every Embassy is supposed to be treated like American Soil and He has a SWORN Duty to defend American soil and American lives.