God Bless all those who lost someone, the ones that we lost, and the lives that it changed.

While there are not many days that go by that I don’t think of what happened on 9-11, I do so for different reasons. I am not taking away from what people went through nor their families. What I think about is how it could have been prevented. We had more chances at getting OBL before 9-11 then I care to think about. Yet we failed to act. The question that I haunts me is why did we not act? What kept us from arresting him or taking him out?

Oil is the only thing I can think of that kept us from getting OBL before he could attack us again. Keep in mind that 9-11 was not his first attack on the USA.

We have allowed a small segment of our population get in the way of national security. The environmental groups that tie up our courts with lawsuits preventing us from developing our own natural resources are partially to blame.
As a Nation “We the people” are also to blame. For we allowed and continue to allow these groups to do so.

Lets face it, if not for energy we would not have been attacked nor would we have been sucked into any war that we are not prepared for. I am all for helping other nations control their own destiny. If they need help getting started I am ok with that. However it should be from a humanity approach that we take not because they have some thing we need. Face it folks we have everything we need here at home. What we don’t have we can get from our American neighbors.

God Bless everyone..