20,000 people killed and still we sit and watch

Syria has had over 20,000 people killed and we sit back and watch. Oh don’t get me wrong its not just us, the entire world is watching. Yet no one really wants to do anything about it.

The U.N. can’t do a thing, just like the USA protects Israel (something I happen to agree with) Russia and China protect their “friends” I am not going to enter into a debate about the Israel, Palestine problems, other then to say that Israel is not launching rockets into children’s schools and then hiding behind a bunch of innocents.

President Obama drew the line, stating that if Syria uses chemical weapons the US would intervene. So I guess its ok to use bullets to kill but not gas? Don’t get me wrong I am glad the President has taken a stance, I wish the rest of the world would do so. I just don’t see what’s so different about Syria compared to Libya …. There is the oil and all….. Libya ranked 17th Syria ranked 32nd