1913 all over again

History repeats it self over and over again expecting us to learn from it one day. Yet we ignore it. Lots of folks don’t value to much stuff that the Mail online runs with. Yet they have been first more often then not, as well as covering things one would think that the American Media would cover..

With that out of the way, there is a pretty scary story comparing 1913 to 2013. I recommend reading it.

Once done with that article take a look at this one "America Isn’t Ready For Its Future"

If you take a look at what America was like in 1913 and the things the Federal Government did in our name, its pretty much the same they are doing now… Link 1
Pretty screwed up what we the people allowed to happen just from that article.

Link 2 another view on the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Both stories point out that the Federal Reserve act was a rotten idea, and should have never been allowed. Yet we are stuck with it for now.
These article are not very long and there is a ton of more information out there for anyone who wants to find it.

We are due for our next major war, I don’t want a war, both my boys are of the age that will be called to go. Yet with the way the world is turning I don’t see a way out.
I love America and I always will, but for to long we have been used as the World Police,  we have forgotten what makes our Nation great.

Its not our ability to make war, sure we do have the best Military in the world.

Its not our kind hand that goes out to help other nations in time of natural disasters, We have always tried to help others.

Its not that everyone gets a vote, that is expected.


What has made us great in the past is because anyone with a dream and the work ethic to make that dream come true, have been able to pursue that dream without a lot of interference from our Government. Today there is a form for everything and some type of regulation to go with it. They are shutting down kids lemonade stands because they don’t have a permit …