Outraged at President Obama?

Of course most people I know are very angry with President Obama, and his amnesty order. Yet at this point what can we do? We must wait until the Republicans take over the Senate in January. Even then I fear we wont do much, IMO very few elected officials have a spine. Republicans are so afraid of impeachment because they think Slick Willie’s impeachment caused them to lose an election. The fact of the matter is had they been trying to govern and allowed the investigation to be carried out in the background things would have been different.

Fast forward to the present and Obama is really safe from being impeached, the Republicans are so afraid of be accused of being racist that they will allow President Obama to do whatever he wants. That is not including the Biden insurance President Obama has. First with Biden we never know what we will get, second is its very hard to toss a sitting President out of office. Plus having Biden in office does not work for Hillary Clinton to get the nod to run.

So don’t hold your breath waiting for the President to get impeached. It will not happen.

USA going down the tubes..

Enough with the beheading, We need to remove those who use religion as an excuse to commit murder. Sorry just because your family member does not obey you , does not give you the right to harm them in any way.

Ebola, is scary because we are not doing much in the way of preventing it from coming to the USA. I have no problem with the USA helping battle this outbreak. The problem I have is when these medical workers return to the states , we are not following common sense. The one nurse went bike riding today, the Doctor in NYC lied about where he went before going to the hospital. Said he stayed in his apartment.

Post birth abortions are starting to be supported by some college students. We have hit the slippery slop and are in danger of sliding all the way down.
So why send our kids off to college if they are going to be taught that killing a innocent child is alright because “human babies are not born self-aware, or capable of grasping that they exist”.. These are not small schools, Purdue, University of Minnesota, Central Florida and Ohio state. At what age are the going to say its not ok to murder someone? Does the child have to be 4 ? 5? 6? It would be murder plain and simple. We really need to put a stop to those teaching kids that this is ok.

Over 214,000 Doctors Opt Out of Obamacare Exchanges
So on top of everything else we are having 1/4 of our Doctors opt out